Strawberry Yogurt Eton Mess

An indulgent Strawberry Eton Mess for Dydd Santes Dwynwen using Llaeth y Llan Strawberry Yogurt. Finish it off with a dusting of Icing Sugar and a sprig of mint for a dish to savour!

Prep Time: 15 mins | Servings: 4

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  • 450g pot Llaeth y Llan Strawberry Yogurt
  • 6 x Meringue nests
  • 300ml Double Cream
  • 100g Fresh Strawberries for decoration
  • 100g Fresh Strawberries for puree
  • Icing Sugar for topping
  • Fresh Mint for Decoration (Optional)


  • Take 100g strawberries and blend into a puree.
  • In a large bowl, whisk the cream into thick peaks.
  • Roughly crush 5 meringues and tip into the whipped cream, then gently fold in the strawberry yogurt.
  • Drizzle the strawberry puree into the mix and gently fold, Then dollop this into bowls.
  • Crush the remaining meringue and sprinkle over the top.
  • Add chopped strawberries and dust with icing sugar.
  • Finally decorate with a sprig of fresh mint.

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