Spooky Veggie Skeleton

This Skeleton Veggie tray is a fang-tastic addition to your Halloween Party. It’s super simple to make and a great way to eat your 5 a day. Serve with a delicious Llaeth y Llan yogurt dip for a tasty Halloween platter.

You can be as creative as you want!

Photo of a skeleton made from vegetables on a plate. There is a pot of yogurt on the foreground.


For the head
250g Llaeth y Llan Natural Yogurt
½ clove crushed garlic
1 tbsp fresh mint finely chopped.
A squeeze of lemon
¼ tsp salt

Red and yellow Peppers
Sugar snap peas


  1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces with a knife. Be careful not to cut your fingers!
  2. Arrange the vegetable pieces on a tray, and arrange them into a skeleton. Have lots of fun being creative!
  3. Add your yogurt, and enjoy your delicious spooky vegetable skeleton.

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