Santa Pancakes

Berry & Yogurt Pancake Santas are a super fun and healthy Christmas themed breakfast!


  • Pancakes – freshly made or shop bought.
  • Llaeth y Llan Natural Greek Yogurt
  • Small plastic bag
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas
  • Raspberries or Strawberries


1. Prepare the Pancakes:

  • Either make fresh pancakes or heat up store-bought ones according to the package instructions. Arrange them on a serving plate.

2. Create Santa’s Beard:

  • Peel the bananas and slice them into thin, curved pieces to resemble Santa’s beard.

3. Make Santa’s Hat:

  • If using strawberries, remove the stems and cut them in half. If using raspberries, leave them whole.
  • Place the strawberry halves (or whole raspberries) on the top edge of each pancake, creating Santa’s hat. The pointed ends should be facing upward.

4. Form Santa’s Eyes:

  • Take a small plastic bag and fill it with Llaeth y Llan Natural Greek Yogurt. Seal the bag.
  • Snip a tiny corner of the bag to create a makeshift piping bag.
  • Pipe two small dots of yogurt on the pancake above the beard area as Santa’s eyes.

5. Decorate with Blueberries:

  • Place two blueberries on top of the yogurt dots to create Santa’s eyes.

6. Arrange the Bananas for the Beard:

  • Arrange the banana slices below the yogurt eyes in a semi-circle to create Santa’s white beard.

7. Optional: Add Additional Details:

  • If desired, you can add extra details such as a small yogurt dot at the tip of Santa’s hat or additional blueberries for decoration.
  • Your Santa Claus Pancakes are now ready to be served! Enjoy this festive and delicious breakfast with friends and family.

Feel free to get creative with the arrangement and have fun with the decorations. Happy cooking!

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