Say Goodbye To Our Plastic Clip Lids

Bin Less - Recycle More

As a family business, we care about protecting the environment and are focussing on the packaging materials we use. To reduce the amount of plastic, we are removing the clip lids on all our large 450g yogurt pots, saving over 2 million pieces of plastic each year. This helps our mission to be a sustainable business for the future.

To help you visualise how much 2 million of our plastic clip lids would be; if you laid them out end to end starting from our factory here in Llannefydd, you would finish up in Cardiff, that’s around 200km. And if you stacked them on top of each other, they would reach 20km into the sky….that’s the same as climbing Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon 20 times!

Some other units of measure that might just help you visualise how far 200km is:

  • 666,667 Leeks
  • 500,000 Daffodils
  • 200,000 Sheep
  • 2000 Rugby Pitches

Now we can hear you all saying “But what if I don’t finish my big pot in one go, how can I keep it fresh in the fridge without a lid?”…well here are some ideas just for that reason:

Firstly, set the temperature of your fridge to around 4°C because this is ideal for keeping your food fresher for longer. As for storing your yogurt, keep it on either the bottom or middle shelves and towards the back to get the best amount of life from it.

Secondly, you can cover your yogurt pot with something like Beeswax Wrap or clingfilm. Beeswax wrap is a good choice as this is made from natural ingredients and is a plastic-free alternative to using clingfilm. Beeswax wrap can also be washed and reused for future use to cover your next big pot of Llaeth y Llan yogurt.

Spooning your yogurt into an airtight container is another good way to help keep your yogurt fresher for longer. We find that a Kilner jar with a clip lid is a good container as these have a rubber seal that can help stop nasties getting into your beloved yogurt, and the clip lid helps to keep the container airtight.

Did you know you can also get silicone lids that are reusable and washable? They fit a wide variety of sizes from small pots to large, making them a perfect choice to cover your Llaeth y Llan big yogurt pot!

Lastly, you can always save the current plastic clip lid from your yogurt pot, wash it either by hand or dishwasher and reuse it for a future yogurt pot when they no longer have the plastic clip lid on! However, if by chance you need a lid but accidentally threw away the old one, you can email us at to request another lid (while stocks last) and we’ll get this over to you as quickly as possible to keep your yogurt fresh.



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